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Profile photo of BeeBee asked 2 years ago

What are your first impressions of the app?

(ease-of-use, questions that come up, etc.)

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nosekbk answered 2 years ago

First impression? Poor app so far. While the ARKit is great and it’s usage in this app is great (idea at least), the app itself is missing UI. Menu, information panel, you know – more details on how certain thing work etc.
I’ve started up the app when I was sitting at my desk. All I saw was “walk around the ball”. There should be more descriptive information on “find yourself a suitable position where you’d like to dance” etc. Then some info about positioning your iPad/iPhone properly so you can see that ball you should walk around.
Next thing is the placement of the area you’ll be dancing on. If I could grab it and move it, rotate etc that would be just perfect. Right now it was me trying to position it somehow as I wanted it to be.
Looks like the camera is in a slight zoom. Especially portrait mode was a mess for me. In either situation I had to really stretch and rotate ipad to see both footprints. 
Until the UI is better, it’s hard to say anything about first impression. The app is promising, but it’s missing a lot right now.
Good luck 🙂

Profile photo of BeeBee replied 2 years ago

Thanks for the write up, @nosekbk! We’ll get working on improving the UI so it’s easier to get started.

Profile photo of BeeBee replied 2 years ago

Hello @nosekbk! We have released a new version of the beta. We would love to know if we have improved the UI to your liking. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.